Baby Foods

When my daughter turned 4 months, her doctor told me I can start feeding her baby food. As a first time mom it was hard to choose what baby food products were safe to give to my daughter. So I went baby food shopping just to see what kind of ingredients they had so I can try and make them myself. They had squash, sweet potato, green beans, and peas. So I thought I could make these easily and store them in the fridge. I had the WIC program which is for moms to help with the baby foods, but you can only get the products they tell you to buy. One of the products they offered was Beech Nut. One of the nutritionist for WIC told me that this is a well known product and that it is really safe for your child. So I listened. I still ended up cooking for my daughter any way but when we were not at home I feed her the Beech Nut products I was getting from WIC. (they were free so I had to use them). I recently found out that Beech Nut hadĀ RecallsĀ on some of their products for being “contaminated with little pieces of glass”. You have to be very very careful of what baby foods you feed your children because anyone can tell you their opinion on which products are good. Cooking fresh foods at home is the best way to go.